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Statement of Ethics for PD!

I was reading an interview with an entrepreneur called Cam Kashani. She made some remarks that struck me as really relevant to you as Player Development professionals.

Here is the first thing that Cam said: “I believe that the human is the product.”

Think about that… yes, the guest is coming to the Casino to gamble but their interactions with you, their Host, can make all of the difference to their experience. And when everything is going well, the difference is because of you and the wonderful human being that you are, and not because of what you can give in freebies. So I encourage you to be bold and think of yourself as the product. What can you do to go above and beyond and make every visit special?

Cam then went on to say: “The more powerful and equipped you are as a human being, the more successful what you create will be as a natural result.You are the infinite possibility. If you have the tools and resources within you to tap into at any given moment, you’re going to be able to perform that much more powerfully.”

We all know that if we eat well and exercise our muscles then our bodies will glow with health. As we digest more ideas, and exercise more skills, then we will come over as ever more competent, reliable, and resourceful. Finally, if we constantly focus on our conscious mind and try to be open-minded and empathetic then we will immediately make an impression as having high integrity and being committed to fairness.

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit or whatever you want to call your consciousness.

Finally, Cam identified a challenge that you face every day. “I always say that as an entrepreneur the biggest fight you’re in is the one with yourself. It’s not about the challenges that show up in the outside world, it’s how you relate to them.”

Every day, as you walk into the Casino, you know that you will face a myriad of challenges from all directions. But the fight is the one with yourself and not with the guests or your co-workers or even your boss! You have a personal fight to keep your balance, to look for perspective, to act and not re-act.

And just like an athlete, you need to take care of your body (good food, water, sunlight, exercise), your mind (read, learn, practice new skills) and your spirit (friends, family, love, laughter, nature).

It can be a brutal lifestyle being a Player Development professional. Take care of yourself and, as Cam said, “The more powerful and equipped you are as a human being, the more successful what you create will be as a natural result.” I hope this email motivates you ‘to be all that you can be!”

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Author: Matthew Evans