Statement of Ethics for PD!

Statement of Ethics for PD!

I have told you before about the new Casino Player Development Association, the C-PDA. The goal is to raise the profile of Player Development and gain more respect from Executives. More respect for this challenging job, will lead to better pay, increased support for your ideas, and stronger career paths.

How do we do this? By publishing standards, endorsing training, and creating ways for you to take a test, demonstrate experience, and obtain a qualification from the C-PDA.

Yesterday, we took our first big step! We released a Statement of Ethics for Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives. Click here to take a look. We talk about integrity, transparency, excellence, diversity, avoiding conflict of interest, and maintaining confidentiality.

So why have a Statement of Ethics? You already know that your integrity and your reputation are key to your career success! Why create a document?

Well, the point to show everyone else that you are a professional and you hold these standards!

Please print this one-pager and put it on your wall!

Please take it to management and suggest a team conversation. If you are the manager, then please take 20 mins at your next team meeting to talk about this in detail.

And consider joining the C-PDA on LinkedIn at

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Author: Matthew Evans