How to bet on IPL 2023

How to bet on IPL 2022

Soon after its inaugural season in 2008, the Indian Premier League did not take much time to become the most popular cricket league in the world. IPL is not just a cricket league in India, it is way more than that. It is believed that during the IPL months (usually April to May) Indian comes to a standstill and the whole of two months is celebrated like a festival amongst the fans. Such is the craze of the league. In this article we would like to share with you important information on How do you bet in IPL.

Compare potential bookmakers:

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Comparing is a very good way to get more info about a broker, there are many broker which provides betting options for IPL. You can choose from Betway, Dafabet, Bet365, 10cric and etc. In your analysis make sure you compare betting odds, documents required, legal licences they hold, offers and discounts.  This will be the first step in your journey to IPL betting

Select your Bookmaker:

After analyzing different bookmakers, now its time to open an account with your preferred one. You may choose to open account with one or more bookmakers. Opening with one or more bookmaker is sometimes advantageous as if something goes wrong with your one account and you’re unable to bet on that one, you can always bet on the other one. This will be the second step on your betting journey.

Set Aside a Budget:

It is always advised from our end to always set aside a budget. Setting a budget might on a daily basis or weekly or for a full season. This step is highly recommended as sometimes things can get out of hands and you sometimes tend to lose more than your potential winnings. 

Understand Betting Odds:

It has been observed that betters are not aware of how betting works, they just bet for the sake of it and lose they are hard earned money. Knowing about how the betting odds work is one of the most important steps. This step should be done before placing your first bet ever and this could actually save you tons of money.

Let me explain this to you using an example. Suppose a match is taking place between the Kolkata knight Riders and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. RCB scored 150 runs in the first innings and KKR had a great start, standing on 65/0 runs off the first 6 overs. This scenario makes KKR the favourites to win the match and the ODDS on the online betting websites will read as follows. KKR to win 1.50 RCB to win 2.50. So now if you place a bet in favour of KKR with a 1000rs betting stake, you would get 1500 back if KKR wins. i.e. 1000rs your stake and 500rs your winnings. 

And if KKR loses, you would lose all your stakes, which is 1000 in this case.

Simple equation for calculating your winnings are: (Stake * odd) – Stake. And if you lose, all your stakes will be lost.

Knowing the Teams:

There are currently 8 teams playing for the most coveted trophy in the IPL. Mumbai Indians being the most successful team of the lost followed by Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals, with Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XII Punjab and Delhi Capitals having never won a Trophy before. Judging the team by their past performances and current players play a vital role while placing your bets.

Marquee Players:

IPL is where is it today is because of its marquee players who showcase their talents and put up a fantastic show for the viewers worldwide. There are marquee players in every side who can make or break the game for you. You must keep an eye on them as they have a huge impact on team’s winnings. Players like Andre Russell for KKR, Hardik Pandya for MI, Rishab Pant for DC and etc. 


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Author: Matthew Evans