Get up! Stand up! 6 Reasons Why.

Statement of Ethics for PD!

Your calls can improve if you stand up!


1. It’s Familiar! You are used to meeting people across the Property and talking to them face to face. If you stand up to make the call then you can ‘pretend’ that they are about to appear in front of you. This is a physically familiar posture and it will comfort you and bring you confidence. Because you are at your best when you are standing in front of the guest, face to face, and smiling.

2. It lets you breath! When you stand up, you open up your lungs and get plenty of oxygen. This will also help you to feel physically relaxed. It is stressful to make a call knowing that the person probably does not want to hear from you right this minute! If you sit with a hunched over posture then you compress your breathing and hold the stress. So stand up, get your shoulders back, make one deep slow inhale and exhale, and dial the number with a smile on your face.

3. You can stare into the distance! If you sit in a chair and stare at your PC screen, or down at papers on your desk, then you have stayed in your own little mental bubble. Instead, you should stand up and stare out of the window at the sky or at a tree. You want your gaze to move outside of your immediate world so that mentally you are more capable of imagining them in their world. Do they sound like they are in the car?, at home watching TV?, at work? What can you hear in their voice, and what can you imagine that you are seeing through their eyes? This technique will help you to understand what is going through their mind so you can react appropriately.

4. You can listen ‘harder‘! If you are standing up, staring at a neutral scene like the sky or even the car park, and breathing completely, then you can focus all of your attention on what you are hearing. Your brain is not distracted by trying to breath, or wiggling in the chair, or fiddling with a pen, or avoiding a sneak peek at that incoming email… without all of those distractions, you can give complete attention to listening. And the recipe for success in a phone call is to listen.

5. You are confident! When you are standing in that familiar position, with the imaginary customer standing in front of you, and with a smile on your face as you listen intently, then you are ready for all of the twists and turns of the conversation. You will be flexible in your response. By contrast, when you are sitting hunched over, and looking at the long list of other people that you need to call, or called without success, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The resignation will come over in your voice.. So stand up, smile, and be ready!

6. You can move! Think about how you behave when you are talking to someone in the lobby of the Hotel, or when you greet them at the High Limit room. You open your hands to welcome them, and you move your hands to emphasize your points. Get yourself a quality headset and free up your hands. Yes, even pace. But avoid the temptation to wander around the room and be distracted by other objects. Keep your gaze out of the window and keep your mind with them.

When we meet people, we get 98% of our information from what we see about them, and 2% from what they say. But with the phone, your guest cannot see you so they form an immediate impression from the tone of your voice and not from your actual words. When you are standing up, and able to breath, your voice will convey more energy and confidence.

So! Stand up, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath, think about someone who loves you unconditionally, smile, and make that call.

And when they pick up, stretch our your hand for the warm handshake and say a relaxed, confident greeting. Hi there! This is Jackie! Thanks for reading!

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Author: Matthew Evans