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Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket and Betting

Imagine a big stadium full of crowd, fans standing on tiptoes whistling and hooting for their favourite. Not only this along with this, those cheerful background voices you hear are intimidating but how can you ignore those extremely beautiful cheerleaders swinging with pom in hands melodically, that’s what is the impact of cricket is on us. Cricket has inspired and made us believe that passion for something can actually lead us to greater heights. The energy convention is not just among the players or teams but it also passed on to the audience.

The compassion for the sport isn’t just limited to field and players but is also much more evident in other businesses. This is why sports cricket is much more in demand. The reach of this particular sport is way more than this, to be specific it is also one of the biggest sport used to make more money. Betting in India isn’t that much professional but again it does exist. Cricket happens to be one of such big spots booming the business. You will be amused to know that India is one of the largest markets of betting and this is the reason why most of the betting site that you see specifically targets Indian punters. This is why this article will be solely providing information about Cricket Betting Sites and its total functionality in detail. In this article, we would likely be covering the following points mentioned below.

How to bet on cricket
Top cricket betting sites
Cricket betting types
Top tournaments to bet
Cricket betting on mobile

How to bet on cricket?

Online betting is one of the privileged outcomes of the digital era. If you technically analyze the reason behind this is nothing but filling pockets. Honestly, nobody on this earth will ever say no to quick money, right? We all will agree to one fact that money is the base of every possible happiness on this earth, you can literally buy any freaking thing if loaded with cash. Online betting is one such medium that gives you a quick way to make some hefty cash without much effort. Cricket and India are closely connected, we refer it as a religion in here. This is one of the biggest reasons why online cricket betting sites are booming every day. So if you are actually planning out to play and invest in cricket betting, then you should definitely know exactly how you can proceed. So if you are a newbie and probably trying out for the first time don’t panic it isn’t that tough. So the steps of betting on cork are just 1-2-3 steps away.

Steps to bet on cricket

Choose your sportsbook that you want to register with and make an account
After registering yourself fill up the details and choose your currency preference and make your first deposit
After all of this chose your betting odds and place your bet, that it you are all set to play

This is how exactly you can register yourself and bet online on cricket. The process might look complicated and dicey but it isn’t that hard all you have to do is just swipe your fingers on the keyboard.

Top Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket has a really bright and promising future in the betting business. Being a core country in the sport we have a much promising and promoting chance of making more money. If you literally ask any regular punter about the empowering boom has cricket has created on being industry is absolutely remarkable. This is why lots and lots of aspiring bettors are staring their luck with cricket at first. Because of the growing popularity and competition in the market, lots and lots of online betting sites are also making their move on cricket betting. Cricket betting sites in India are plenty but finding your ideal choice is the main ingredient for successful betting.

Understanding and addressing this part of the struggle we as a responsible part of the same fraternity going to suggest you some of the best online betting sites that will take to you to a mystical journey of betting and we can bet on this part that once you start loving it there isn’t any going back. Lots and lots of reviews and suggestions that you see online may not be the ideal ones to suit your requirements. This is why we have handpicked and sorted some of the best ones after going through individual reviews and punter suggestions. So according to the unanimous decisions and preferences checked online the top 5 online betting sites for cricket are listed below

Top 5 Best Cricket Betting Sites

Betway-100% upto Rs 8,000
LeoVegas-100% upto Rs 10,000
Bet365– Upto Rs 2,000 in Bet Credits
22bet-100% upto Rs 10,000 + 22 bet points
Bodog– 600% upto Rs 6,000


This online betting site is established a long time ago. This is a sportsbook dealing with various options to bet on. Some of the popular sports that you can bet in here apart from cricket are football, basketball, horse racing, e-sports, and so on. They are the real gem of the betting industry.


They are user friendly
They have a wide range of betting odds
Great deposit and withdrawal methods


At times it gets difficult to contact customer care
Who it comes to indie thy have a limited number of promotions available


LeoVegas is yet another oldest betting sites that we have. This is also a sportsbook and casino giving some amazing deliverables to its customers. They are extremely dedicated to their customers and make sure that whoever visits the site doesn’t get disappointed.


Great mobile experience
Great selection of casino games and online slots
Superfast services


They have limited sports betting options
You can find that many promotions to be benefited off


Yet another beautiful and probably the best online betting site is bet365. They have a specific browser for Indian and international’s bettors.thy are the oldest layers of the game. They are the definition of absolute professionalism.


Easy to access deposit and withdrawal methods
Good range of sports and casino games
Free streaming for sports like football, c ticket and so on


They can work on their welcome bonus
At times it’s difficult to get a response from customer services


22BET is globally known for its incredibly large selection of sports. They have marked themselves as one of the most successful posts betting site that gives a platform channelizing all kind of sports to bet you could wish for.


Excellent customer services 24/7
Great hold on live betting options
Convenient payments gateways


Since they are really old and have been there for years now, at times their sits works really slow
Customer support efficiency at times best inactive
They need to update their site as it gives the impression of an archaic shape


When its India you cannot miss out on this amazing online betting site that has risen as on if the fastest cricket betting site in India. They are regarded as the next level perfectionist in betting. Lots and lots of Indian bettors who have been gambling for years literally look forward to registering themselves with the site. As far as the services as considered they provide a decent level of bonuses and services to their punters. You will be surprised to know that they also are one of the oldest and most experienced Indian betting sites. Usually, they are compared with competitors like Bet365 and therefore are the fittest betting site for cricket.


Good live streaming options on popular sports
Super fast and active customer service
Good choices of promotions and rewards


They have limited withdrawal options which at times gets difficult for customers to access
They don’t have horse racing

As a matter of fact, all of these sites are available in India and therefore supports INR. All of the sites are perfectly safe and of course, are legally licensed too. They are the showman of the betting industry and are classics of the game. Since most of you are trying for the first why to ruing the first experience by picking anything random when you have experts. So if planning for cricket betting try out experts. One thing that can be bagged by us on this is that you will not be disappointed by any of them whether in terms of services or bonuses.

Cricket Betting Types

Since you have set your hands on betting already and are ready to take your first move, it is really important to inform you about some of the notables types of betting available in the game. Now all of the newbies ho are hearing of the betting types for the first time, let me clear them out what exactly is Betting types. Every sort has a classification of betting types which is actually divided into various parts of the game. Like for example if you eat to bet on the results or maybe any specific part of the game like toss or your favourite player you can bet directly through these available types.

Every sport has its different set of betting type and punters bet accordingly bet on the specific part. Talking about cricket, it also has its types of bets associated with the game. Now if for example, you have registered yourself into the betting sites selected your betting odds but you aren’t sure basically on what part can you predict perfectly with guaranteed winning, which is why betting types are designed. All the types of betting on which you can bet in cricket are listed below, before picking your type make sure that you are good at it and are sure of the result because when its real money why to take any sort of risk.

Types of betting

Basic bets

Match betting
Tied match
Series winner
Outright winner

Team propositions

Top batsman
Top bowler
Man of the match
Player performances
Individual bowler series wickets

Cricket In-play propositions

Batsman runs
Runs off next ball
Method of dismissal
over/under totals

Theses are the kinds betting that are available in the cruet on the basis of which you can place your bet. Basically, if you are starting your career in betting and to be specific in cricket always start with match bets these are the simpler types of bets which can give you like clear understanding that how does this all work. Betting expertise comes with more and more practicing. In a longer run you once you get a hold on the same you can proceed on the difficult forms of betting types that may have greater complexity.

If we talk about the popular types of bets on which generally bettors take their call are listed below

Popular types of bets

Match bet
Series winner and outright winner
Prop bets

For better knowledge and understanding of the same please go through the information online and make a wise decision before just placing any bet.

Top Tournaments to bet

Cricket betting and events are globally popular. This is the reason why we have a lot of the events and tournaments going arose and people actually actively wait for the same to happen. Every betting site makes sure to give you access to a wide range of events to bet on which ultimately assures with nothing less than loads of loads of cash on winning. Isn’t it a really amazing feeling when your bank account is certainly flooded with a heavy amount probably enough to spend the rest of the months comfortably, of course, it is.

Now since we have covered most of the part of cricket betting how can we miss on the events that are available online to bet on. These tournaments that w are going to mention are the most popular ones on which most of the bettor bet.

Top Tournament to bet for Cricket

For Asia

For others

Big bash league
Natwest T20 Blast
Ram Slam T20 league
Caribbean premier league

Now you have the list of the popular tournaments it would be much more convenient for you to bet on multiple events at the same time and you have a larger margin to bet online market specifically. No wonder this is why people actually go gaga over cricket. Cricket isn’t just a sport like any other but rather you can regard it as a feeling. Online betting is altogether a medium through which fans find themselves connected to the sports indirectly.

Gone were those days when you literally had to move out of your house if you wish to bet. Since the technology is getting better and bigger every part of the world services are advancing together. We are literally in the time period wherein you can find everything delivered at your doorstep without you moving out of your comfort zone.

Cricket Betting on Mobile

Since everything is right on your fingertip how can we neglect the mobile betting part? You will be amazed to know that most of the online betting sites that you find online have their specific mobile versions too. Not only this like any other application and online site that you see even betting sites have their own applications too. They are so easy to access, you can download them directly from the play store too. Betting on smartphones and tablets is getting popular. Because the cost of cellular is falling the mobile phones are getting more powerful. Using these devices and betting is quite simple and handy. All you have to do is just aces the application of the site via a web browser. If you go thing the many interface comparatively you will find a very sorted and easy to use interface on mobiles hones rather than desktop. Any of these will not change anything that you see on the desktop version. If we pick things like live betting you will notice that some of the sites also offer special promotions and coupons on browsing from mobile phones. Therefore you can directly also deposit and withdraw directly from your mobile phones. Isn’t that really simple and quite convenient to use? Of course yes it is.

Bottom line

Overall we can say that that cricket betting whether in India or abroad is popular. People who are ie heart fans of the same want to participate on the same either directly or indirectly. Online cricket betting encourages indirect association with the game and sharing the same level of happiness on winning, the only change that you see is winning some good cash in return as well. So if your heart asks you to bet ad cricket is your preference then definitely go for it. As the graph of growth is very clear of the particular sports its actually a great opportunity to try your luck in here, who knows you might end up making some good money.

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